CPC Soccer 22:

CPC Soccer is back!!! One of the best retro soccer game in 8-bit for your Amstrad CPC 464 or 6128. Break all CPC limits with this game!!!

This retro soccer simulator where you can debut in the world cup with your favorite team. The game is very fast and very fun, play alone against the CPU or with more friends, you will not regret it.

Dribbles, tackles, fouls, cards, injuries, shots, passes, tactics, substitutions, friendly matches, CPC cup, four simultaneous players, player stats. And now in this new version with...

  • A lot of bugs fixed (in-game grafical glitches and other gameplay errors)
  • All teams updated (August 2021) (teams, squads and stats).
  • Mode 0 for the game window (the rest remain in mode 1).
  • New sprites of both players and stadium, ready for mode 0.
  • Customized jersey / shorts colors for each team (including away kits).
  • Goalkeepers with bright yellow equipment (or purple if necessary, colors collision).
  • Fans and stadium personalized with the colors of each team (local team bench, local fans up, visiting fans down).
  • After Touch. You now have 30 frames (0.6 secs aprox.) of time to redirect the ball left or right after shooting.
  • Speed of horizontal scroll more in line with the vertical scroll (avoids dizziness).
  • Goalkeeper AI improvements (exit better implemented, goalkeeper limits reviewed and better strech)
  • Optimization of almost all ASM routines to achieve more speed and smoothness of drawing.
  • More area of vision with reduced poping of players (now they are drawn closer to the edge).
  • Adjustments in volley shots, (now avoids shots without force).
  • Better adjusted posts and crossbar.
  • Small adjustments in the physics of the ball (avoid strange movements).
  • Cutscene on yellow card
  • Cutscene on red card
  • Cutscene on injured
  • Angular crosshairs to facilitate stop-ball shots.
  • Barriers on direct fouls
  • HYPER DRIBBLE (tm) player inertia reduction, more playable
  • PERFECT CONTROL (tm), fast and precise controlled player selection, you always control the player you need
  • new Loading screen by TITAN
  • more precise shots (angles are now dealt with more precisely).
  • EAGLE VISION (tm) now the pointer in stop-ball shots dont move, you can aim exactly where you want put the ball.
  • new 5 pitch types (NORMAL, DRY, WET, MUDDY, FROZEN) that affect the bounce of the ball, the friction of the ball, the friction of the tackles and the acceleration of the players.

All in 64 kb only!!!! All to create the best playable experience in 8-bit. Try it!!!

You can get a physical version of CPC Soccer 22 at HobbyRetro web...



Main menu:

- Friendly: play with a friend or against the CPU in a friendly match to show who is the best.
- CPC Cup: Only legendary players can reach the top of the CPC Cup and prove that they are the best in the world. Organize the world cup with 16 teams and follow the progress of it by playing the matches with your team. If you want you can organize a smaller cup to play with friends, you can select 4, 8 or 16 teams.
- Options: You don't like those controls? no problem, define the controls of the four players as you wish, you can use the keyboard and two joysticks. Do you have little time to play? no problem, adjust the match time to what you need. You also have two types of camera, smooth with sliding window, or fast fixed, try them and stay with the one you like best. Artificial intelligence is not up to you? Make it harder!
- Credits: you have lost 10 times in a row and you want to kill the author? Well there you have it.


Default Controllers:

- Player 1: Joystick 1

- Player 2: Cursor keys and Enter

- Player 3: QAOP and space bar

- Player 4: Function keys F5 F2 F1 F3 and F0

- Especial Key to make subtitutions: press ESC key with the game stopped.

Note 1: you can use any of 4 controllers to move menu and play. Remember, you can change controls in Options menu.

Note 2: with PERFECT CONTROL (tm) the game will always assign the player who has the most options to get the ball. If the player you control leaves the window, the game will quickly assign you another one. If you want switch you to another player closer to the ball, just leave the controls and it will switch.


Team Select menu:

Select 2 teams in friendly matches or organize a cup with 4, 8 or 16 teams. To finalize the selection press OK to next.


Controller select menu:

You can change the controls in every game. Each team can be controlled by one or two players. Just move your controller left or right to play with one team or another. The players on your team will light up (white or red flash) when they become controlled.


Tactics and squad menu:

In each match you can configure your favorite formation and select the most suitable players to face the match. Remember that the physical form of the players changes in each game. During the game you can change the players who are injured or have a yellow but never those sent off with red who will remain on the bench.


Per players stats:

Each player can have up to 3 points in each of the 6 stats.

SPD (speed): define the top speed of player.

AGR (Aggressive): define how long are the slides.

CTL (Control): define how far you can get the ball.

PWR (Power): define how strong you can shoot the ball.

SPR (Sprint): define the acceleration of player.

ACC (Accurate): defines the player's aim when shooting


Pitch type:

Normal: field lawn in perfect condition, standard physics and conditions.

Dry: a dry lawn can make the ball bounce more and tackles shorter.

Wet: With the field full of puddles the ball will not roll as fast.

Muddy: The mud will make this game hell, it will be difficult to control the players' tackles.

Frozen: Very slippery field, watch the ball or it will come out fast.


Match day:

CPC Soccer is very fast, we insist, very fast, but you will get used to its speed soon, it is easy to play although difficult to master.

Try to pass the ball and do tactics to deceive the goalkeeper, scoring goals will not be easy since the goalkeepers have trained a lot.

The goalkeepers are not perfect and make some mistakes, try to take advantage of the rebounds or try to catch the poorly placed goalkeeper to shoot on goal.

The game is played with a set ball (don't try to waste time). Be careful with the tackles or you will be expelled and you will run out of players quickly.

Good luck.


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